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Turning a House into a Home

Aorta owner and lead designer Frida Rush loves it when she’s given creative freedom. With this project, Frida transformed a new build house in Milton Keynes into a personalised home from home for her clients. The owners wanted a holiday home they could walk into and feel like they belonged.

Frida worked with the owners to establish their style and colour preferences as well as the overall feel they wanted to achieve. After initial, mood boards and visuals the owners were more than happy for Frida to go ahead and design the interior. In fact they were so pleased with the results, they asked for specific items to created and left waiting for their next return. As with everything, Frida goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction, adding initialed towels and bathrobes to the mix.

In this design, each room was given its own identity. Many of the smaller items and home accessories in the photos below were made specifically for this house or are from Frida's existing collection, including storage and shelving, coffee tables and trinkets.


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