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We've Launched Our Flexible Interior Design Service

Beautiful and expressive interiors don’t have to cost the earth! Whilst ensuring we deliver the highest quality products and services, it is a common misconception that hiring an interior designer is always an expensive commodity.

The truth is, tailored or bespoke interior design is exactly what it says on the tin. It can be as involved or as minimal as you require which means it can be adapted to suit your budget. We realised that our clients have variable requirements and preferences and have created a new and improved service that caters for a range of needs.

For some, having a designer they trust to take a brief, create a proposal and bring it to life, is valuable and worth paying for. For others, they have a clear idea of what they want and enjoy being hands on, they may just need a little guidance and advice to give them the confidence they need. Some clients really don’t know what they want and need support from concept to completion.

With our online consultancy service, we begin with a short consultation free of charge. This will help us all get a clear understanding of the project and the best approach. From there we will guide you as to the best and most cost effective solution for your project and associated budget. It might be you need to book a few quick advice sessions, make use of our online consultancy service or meet us in person and take it from there. We now offer a variety of packages and payment options. For example for clients who require full project management, design and installation the favourite option is our 20% fee. Its clean and simple, we ask for 20% of the total budget you’ve allocated for the design project. This can be paid in instalments which are usually agreed and confirmed via a written contract, we can also charge by the hour or by the day…it really depends what is going to be best for you.

Whether you’re planning a new build, renovation, restoration or simply need a change, we have experience of residential and commercial projects and would be happy to support you with our flexible design and bespoke furniture services.

For more information email or call us on +44 7825302048

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